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Ko-Ki Application

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Ko-Ki Application

Post  Ko-Ki on 8th June 2012, 9:48 pm


Name: Jessy

Age: 21

Instant Messanger(s): Ask if you would like it

Your muse

Name: Ko-Ki

Nickname(s): Ko or Ki-chan

Band: ViViD

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Vampire

Character Abilities: Teleportation, telekinesis, mind-speak, speed and hearing

Appearance: Ko-Ki likes to dress up as a girl, though he will more often wear little shorts instead of skirts. He loves pink, especially mixed with black. He also has his ears pierced and the left side of his lip. His eyes are naturally black, but when he is angry, or hungry his eyes turn a bright pink instead of red like a normal vampire.

Personality: Ko-Ki is rather girly in nature and has a basic bratty personality. He likes getting what he wants, and when he doesn’t, he whines. He doesn’t stay in one place too long, and his attention span is rather short. It takes a lot to keep his full interest, otherwise he gets bored. He is also very curious, and likes to bother people, and make them uncomfortable.

Likes: sweet blood, stylish things

Dislikes: Being bossed around, human food

Strength: Telekinesis is his most developed skill.

Weakness: He’s a bit niave, and his powers aren’t very strong because he is still very young and inexperienced.

Character history: Ko-Ki grew up a spoiled brat. His father is a very wealthy master vampire from the outlands. Ko-Ki didn’t like it though. The wealth wasn’t the problem, it was his father in general. He always kept Ko locked up, unable to leave the grounds of their large estate. Even on the grounds he was constantly supervised, only being left alone while in his room or the bath. It took him a long time, but he managed to sneak away and north into the city

Role play Sample: See Haru

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Re: Ko-Ki Application

Post  Shinji on 8th June 2012, 9:52 pm

Approved! You may start posting and using the chatbox. ^^

I know there's no way I can take the plunge, and say goodbye...

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