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Post  JiHoon on 16th June 2012, 12:42 am


Name: Alex
Age: 19
Instant Messanger(s): N/A

Your muse

Name: Jung JiHoon
Nickname(s): Rain
Band: N/A (Solo singer)
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 29, actual age approximately 350 (give or take a few years)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Position: Seme
Race: Qing Long
Character Abilities:
  • May half-shift between forms; his hair remains an emerald-ish green color, and he keeps a few patches of scales.
  • Immune to electricity.
  • While in dragon form, may easily travel through extreme weather/temperatures.
  • Floats his way around, but has the ability of flight.
  • Controls thunderstorms at will.

Appearance: I'm gonna be a bad boy.
Personality: Quiet, but kind of a sarcastic asshole sometimes. He likes to joke around often, and doesn't deal well with silence. He is, however, underneath a few layers of jerkishness and sarcasm, a kind and caring man. If he has the chance to help someone out, he will. He also loves spending time with children; it brings out his smiley side.

Likes: Noodles, ice cream, sleeping, cool weather/temperatures, music, water
Dislikes: Heat, silence
Strength: Control of certain aspects of the weather
Weakness: Fire, heat

Character history: Born in the northern part of the mountains, JiHoon spent nearly four decades with his family in the snow and cold. Eventually, he and his mother moved temporarily closer to the hills, where he learned how to change his form from one to another. When his mother finally declared him a master at the changing, and wished to return to the mountain peaks, JiHoon chose to stay behind and move into the City. After about twenty years of saving money and preparation, he opened a strip club near the night club he had once visited nightly, hoping to draw customers not only for himself, but for the other owner as well. His idea worked well, and he now makes good money. If he gets too bored, though, he will go and entertain his own guests (without them knowing he is the owner and manager of the club) himself. He never takes his pants off, though, when doing so.

Role play Sample: He tossed the paperwork onto his kitchen table, frowning. There was way too much paperwork lately. It might have been the influx of new employees, or the new sponsor that was taking care of advertising for him. JiHoon had no idea anymore; all he knew right now was stress. Stress and never-ending paperwork.

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JiHoon | Application Empty Re: JiHoon | Application

Post  Shinji on 16th June 2012, 12:47 am

Le Approved~ Chatbox and Forum are at your disposal

I know there's no way I can take the plunge, and say goodbye...

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