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Post  Saga on 20th June 2012, 7:26 pm


Name: Keru

Age: 20

Instant Messanger(s): I don’t have one

Your muse

Name: Saga

Nickname(s): Saga-sama, Saga-chii

Band: Alice Nine

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Sexuality: Bi

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Incubus

Character Abilities: Saga’s power is in seduction. With his magic he can cause people to lust after him, or anyone he wants them to. He can portray sexual fantasies into someone’s mind. He can use it at different strengths if he needs to. The stronger someone is mentally, the more magic it takes to make them fall under his spell.


Saga / Application Saga-Rainbows-alice-nine-3323488-12
Saga / Application Alice-nine-hana-saga
Saga / Application Curevol2211

Personality: Saga is a little heartless. Not in a mean or cruel way, he just finds he doesn’t really care about anything, or anyone. He may seem nice at times, but he loves to tease people, especially sexually, and mess with their emotions. Because Incubi can only fall in love once, he tries to avoid any emotion like that in himself.

Likes: drinking, smoking, sex, dancing, food

Dislikes: body glitter, too much fluff, sweets, the idea of love

Strength: his seduction is extremely powerful from developing it so much

Weakness: If someone where to cause him to fall in love.

Character history: Saga was born and raised in the city. He was abandoned at birth, never knowing his parents, and stayed the beginning of his life in Grum. When he learned to control his powers through various mishaps, he started using it to his advantage and saved money through being a whore and moved up in class. Eventually, he got a job at a popular high class strip club, and has stopped whoring himself out. At least not as much.

Role play Sample:
Saga sat in the dim lit room, dark chocolate eyes scanning over the guests that had come to the club that evening. He didn't have to work, but there wasn't really anything else for him to do either. The incubus wasn't used to having so much free time where he had no need to worry about what he would eat for the next week. The brunette had worked at the club for some time now, and had plenty of money from working. But it seemed old habits died hard. He downed the rest of his drink and stood from the booth he had been sitting in, going to the bar and smiling sweetly at the bartender. Maybe he could help out since he was so bored.


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Saga / Application Empty Re: Saga / Application

Post  Shinji on 20th June 2012, 7:34 pm

You're approved. Have fun on the forum and in the cbox~

I know there's no way I can take the plunge, and say goodbye...

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