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Post  ChaeRin on 5th August 2012, 11:00 pm

It had been a while since she had done any shows in the Beach. CL was more than happy to have been invited to play at the Endless Summer Beach Festival. It combined two of her most favorite things in the world: music and the Beach. It was win-win if you asked her. Nothing compared to the feeling of fresh ocean breeze blowing your sweat matted hair as you spinned the turntables and danced like there was no tomorrow. Yup, CL couldn't be in a better mood that particularly hot summer day.

She was one of the last DJs to play that day. She would be taking the booth as the sun set over the Endless Ocean. She was in a casual outfit still, blue shorts with a rhinestone skull over one of the back pockets. Her top consisted of a bikini and a short yellow shirt decorated in multi-colored "human native tribe" patterns as she liked to call it. For now it was barely midday and she was scavenging the many stalls on the beach for much needed food and drink.

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