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Post  Ruki on 9th September 2013, 6:23 pm

Your muse

Name: Takanori

Nickname(s): Taka, Ru, or Ruki

Band: The Gazette

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Uke

Race: Human/Sorcerer/Warlock thing

Character Abilities: Can use spells, energy projections and some elemental magics. he can also make certain drawings come to life.

Appearance: Ru has medium length hair, dyed dirty blond. He his very short, and very thin, almost sickly, and pale.

Personality: He can be a bit rude, but is generally quiet and keeps to himself.

Likes: Drawing, smoking, music, poetry

Dislikes: arrogance

Strength: He would say he has none

Weakness: Emotionally vulnerable, his physical body is small and weak

Character history: Ruki is an only child, 'raised' by his father. His mother supposedly died when he was only 4, but the body was never recovered, so noone knows the truth. His father was abusive, so he has become very withdrawn as a teenager, relying on his art as an escape. He was diagnosed with depression, and takes pills for it, but still uses death as a theme for his work, and SH when things get too distressing for him.

Role play Sample: (Once again, a paragraph please)

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Ruki | Application Empty Re: Ruki | Application

Post  Jinki on 9th September 2013, 7:02 pm

Welcome! You've been accepted. ^^ Make sure to read the rules and such, and have fun~

There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love.

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