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Haru Application [Woof!]

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Haru Application [Woof!] Empty Haru Application [Woof!]

Post  Haru on 5th June 2012, 12:33 am


Name: Jessy

Age: 21

Instant Messanger(s): If you would like it, please ask.

Your muse

Name: Haru

Nickname(s): Haru

Band: DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Sexuality: All over the place

Sexual Position: Semuke

Race: Kitsune

Character Abilities: Shift between a fox form and a human form. Has incredible speed, hearing and smell.

Appearance: Haru has bright yellow hair that is of medium length with black in the fringe. His piercings are his tongue, right dimple and bridge, as well as his ears. He is also rather short. His fox form is also very small, and of a bright orange color.

Haru Application [Woof!] Tumblr_lk14hps1H51qcaaap
Haru Application [Woof!] Image+442
Haru Application [Woof!] Haru_01

Personality: Haru is a very bright person, in both clothing and personality. Though like most people, he does have his dark side. He feels that it isn’t something for others to know about, so he keeps it to himself, and only portrays what he thinks others should see. He can sometimes be standoffish, and doesn’t trust people so quickly, even if he is nice to them. A lot of times he will prefer to do things on his own, even if he knows it is beyond his abilities.

Likes: Attention, sweet things, his belly rubbed, being groomed.

Dislikes: Things that are salty, dark places

Strength: His speed, sense of smell and hearing.

Weakness: His eyesight isn’t always very good, mainly in the dark

Character history: Haru was born within the depths of the Tulgey Forest. Before he could create any proper lasting memories, his mother had left his family, leaving only him, his father, and older brother. When he was about 10 years old, his father passed away in an accident. His brother and himself were left to fend for themselves after this, unable to contact their mother. When he was 14, he decided to stop his schooling and leave his brother and the forest without a word. Now he resides within Grum, getting by through various odd jobs, and a small job at a restaurant.

Role play Sample: The little fox stretched out his body, yawning wide with his small tongue sticking out as he did so. When his body was realigned normally he sat and scratched his ear, letting out a growly whimper. As he adjusted to his awakened state, he looked to his surroundings. He was alone, which he didn’t like, and the temperature was colder than he would have liked. The kitsune couldn’t quite remember what had happened the night before, but he could tell it left him farther from home than he should have been. Shaking as if to settle his fur, he decided to head off towards his apartment in Grum.

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Haru Application [Woof!] Empty Re: Haru Application [Woof!]

Post  Shinji on 5th June 2012, 1:25 am

Approved! You may start posting and using the chatbox. ^^

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