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Post  Jinki on 5th June 2012, 1:14 am


Name: China
Age: 19
Instant Messanger(s): onew-seoulidol@hotmail.com

Your muse

Name: Lee Jinki
Nickname(s): Dubu, Onew, Bunny
Band: SHINee
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 21, actual age unknown
Sexuality: Homosexual
Sexual Position: Smuke
Race: Phoenix/Feng Huang
Character Abilities:
  • May shift between Avian and Human forms (note: plumage coloring in Avian form varies upon the color of clothes that he has on).
  • May half-shift forms for a short time; tattoos on his back allow him to keep his wings out, though this is sometimes forced because of the lack of energy to fully shift forms.
  • While in Avian form, he may use the general abilities of a Phoenix to heal wounds with tears and carry great amounts of weight.
  • May also create small, tornado-like gusts of wind with his wings while in Avian form.

Appearance: Love has no boundaries or limits.
Personality: Jinki is extremely quiet and reserved, shy even around the people he knows well. He does smile a lot, however, and refuses to let people know when or if he's feeling down. He takes care of others long before he even so much as thinks of taking care of himself, and so he is often sick despite what he is. It takes a long time for him to trust someone.

Likes: Music, reading, sleeping, and food.
Dislikes: People who have no consideration for others, food that tastes bad, not getting enough sleep.
Strength: Healing/speed
Weakness: Everything else

Character history: Jinki was, as far as he knows, raised by humans for fourteen years somewhere in the downtown area of the Central City. After that, when he first shifted forms, he was taken away from the family he was told he had and given to an elder of his kind to be raised 'properly'. His first memories, at the age of fourteen, are of learning how to shift forms at will, how to fly, how to forage, along with a slew of other things. His surrogate mother, Winterhart, died shortly after he was officially accepted as a fledgling. He spent a few years with the rest of her children before running away one night to create a life of his own.

He does not, unfortunately, know exactly how old he is. No one taught him to keep count, as age usually is of no importance to a bird that rises from fire. He spent a large portion of time, however, making a living at a small bakery near the old Palace, and is now its owner due to the original couple that began it having passed away. He does not speak much to his customers, but they know that he is sweet and kind, and will try his best to do what they ask of him.

Roleplay Sample: Jinki frowned, almost dropping the baking sheet as he pulled it out of the oven. The burns on his hands from the night before had yet to begin healing properly, and it was starting to impede on his work. As if anything he did to sooth the red welts did anything; birds did not heal quickly, or easily. So he grit his teeth, setting the sheet on the counter to let the tiny loaves of banana bread on it cool as he went off into the bathroom to wrap his hands in reusable bandages before going back to work.

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Jinki | Application Empty Re: Jinki | Application

Post  Shinji on 5th June 2012, 1:26 am

Approved! You may start posting and using the chatbox. ^^

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