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Shinji Application Empty Shinji Application

Post  Shinji on 6th June 2012, 7:04 pm


Name: Jessy

Age: 21

Instant Messanger(s): Ask if you would like it

Your muse

Name: Ninomiya Shinji

Nickname(s): Shinji

Band: SID

Gender: Male

Age: 299 [looks about 28]

Sexuality: Homosexual

Sexual Position: Seme

Race: Ice Elemental Demon

Character Abilities: He can change objects and the atmosphere to be ice or very cold. Cause snow, hail, and other forms of weather that involve his element. He can glide/fly, walk on top of snow and water. Turn into mist and teleport.

Appearance: His body is tall and thin, and skin is a snow white, hair a dark brunette to black. His eyes are normally a golden brown color, but change to white when he uses magic that takes a lot of his power, or his powers have been expended.

Shinji Application Shinji00
Shinji Application Sid%2Bshinji

Personality: Shinji is often very stoic in his appearance, often being portrayed as cold. Sometimes he can be, but it isn’t always the case. He usually speaks in a more gentle tone, and never raises his voice for anything. He is a humble, and rather modest man. Though he wouldn’t deny that he enjoys luxury. And as much as he dislikes heat, he will dress modestly in a somewhat more formal and stylish, even if it is extremely hot.

Likes: ice cream, ice, cold things

Dislikes: hot things

Strength: His control over the ice element

Weakness: His inability to express himself properly, heat/fire

Character history: Shinji grew up in a snowy city that was located at the tops of the Red Mountains. He lived the first century of his life out peacefully and like any normal life would progress. He fell in love, and had a child. When the child was still young, Shinji and his family had gone into the city because of business. During a mishap in the park, his lover was killed, and he was forced to murder his own son. Since then, he has moved to the city. He opened up a night club, and became somewhat of an insomniac with his new job. Though he still will avoid the park completely.

Role play Sample: See Haru

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Shinji Application Empty Re: Shinji Application

Post  Jinki on 6th June 2012, 10:27 pm

Approved! You may start posting and using the chatbox. ^^

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