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Post  JaeJoong on 6th June 2012, 10:24 pm


Name: China
Age: 19
Instant Messanger(s): onew-seoulidol@hotmail.com

Your muse

Name: JaeJoong
Nickname(s): Jae, Joongie
Gender: Male
Age: Appears around 26, actual age unknown
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexual Position: Smuke
Race: Bai Ze
Character Abilities:
  • Controls the winds to a limited extent.
  • Mostly a healer.
  • Cannot half-shift between forms.
  • Hardly ever touches the ground when in Bai Ze form; floats instead.

Appearance: I will protect you.

Personality: A little childish at times, but generally a literal and serious guy to anyone he doesn't know. Past that point, however, he's very sweet and cheery. He likes cooking for his friends, and studied a large amount of different types of foods and cooking styles for simple fun as a hobby. He can be outgoing, but shy and reserved as well, though usually more of the latter. He prefers to stay in his human form more than his Bai Ze form.

Likes: Chocolate, sleep, photography, movies, and pastries
Dislikes: Rudness, sour foods, ice cream
Strength: Winds/healing
Weakness: Nearly anything to do with electricity, chocolate (you can get him to do nearly anything by giving it to him)

Character history: Grew up in Tulgey Forest, gaining his ability to shift into human form some time around twenty, which was considered very early for his kind. From that point, because of his odd progression of maturity, he was kicked out of the main Bai Ze herd to live on his own, unwanted due to his strangeness. He changed his name from Han JaeJoon to Kim JaeJoong, mostly to avoid the people he used to call family. After that, he made his home at the edge of the Forest, where it thinned and met the Red Mountains. JaeJoong remained there for nearly a century, often venturing into the Mountains just to see what was there. Only recently did he move into the City, making his home in a small apartment at the very border of the City, just outside of the Grum.

Roleplay Sample: JaeJoong sighed, flopping onto his bed. He had just spent the entire day gardening and cooking for the old Neko that lived in the house behind his apartment building, and had hardly earned anything from it. And he had to leave again in fifteen minutes to make his way all the way to the north end of the city to do the same thing for the rest of the night. All he really wanted was to find something to eat and to sleep. But, fate had been cruel to him for centuries, and he didn't have that privilege.

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JaeJoong | Application Empty Re: JaeJoong | Application

Post  Jinki on 6th June 2012, 10:27 pm

Approved! You may start posting and using the chatbox. ^^

There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love.

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