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Rules [Must Read] Empty Rules [Must Read]

Post  Shinji on 4th June 2012, 10:16 pm

---Please try to keep your posts to at least a paragraph.

---This is a Jrock and Kpop RP forum. No actors or anything like that.

---Fandom bashing will NOT BE TOLERATED. You only get one warning. There is no reason to be a bitch about someone else's musical tastes. If it bothers you, suck it up. Let's try to keep this a friendly place.


---Check the character list to see if your muse is already taken.

--- Post your app within 3 days, otherwise you are invalid.


---When posting, put the title and who it is for in it, if it is open, and the rating if it is more adult content.
Example: One fine night [Reita]
One fine night [Open]
One fine night [Reita] **Adult**

---Admins have the right to deny apps if they aren't appropriate.

---You are allowed up to 5 muses. If you would like more then that, feel free to contact an Admin to work something out. But if one or more of them is neglected, they will be deleted.

---Please try to make at least one post about every week. If you can't for whatever reason, please contact an Admin and something will be arranged so you won't be deleted.

---Please keep your language to English. If you use any other language like Japanese or Korean, please use subtitles in your post and/or post the translation to words you use commonly in the translation section. Not everyone knows the same languages as you, so please be respectful to them.

---There will be MATURE CONTENT on this forum. This includes violence, BDSM, adult language and all that fun stuff. This is also a YAOI forum meaning lots of guy action. You don't like it, say or learn to deal.

---M-Preg is allowed, but not required.

---This is an AU RP. Don't like it, don't join.

---If anyone has any comments, questions, or suggestions to make Mirrored Lies better, by all means feel free to contact an Admin and make yourself heard.

BE RESPECTFUL: All of us are very different and we realize this, but there is no reason to be rude to the others here. Please watch your words, because even if you are joking, in text it may come across a different way. This is meant to be a friendly and peaceful place and if people are being rude or bitchy it takes the whole point away from it being fun.

Do your research: If you want to RP with a particular muse, or any really, make sure you read up on them so you know their abilities and personality. That way you aren't sitting there confused or pissed because you don't understand what happened.

Troublemaker Muses: For your muses, don't create them just to cause trouble please. We understand if your muse is a complete jerk or whatever, but if they are only here to cause problems for the other muses it will only result in restrictions and banning for you. It isn't worth it.

Application Process: If an app isn't accepted or accepted right away, don't get pissy please. We have other things we do as well, just like you. If we don't accept at all, most likely we will state the reason.

Grammar: When writing, please don't use any short hand, text talk, acronyms, etc. This includes things like 'cuz' and other things that can't be thought of at the moment. Not all of us can understand these and they can even be quite annoying to try to read. We all are adults or at least have made it through some language classes, so should know how to type properly. It doesn't take that much longer to hit a few more keys, really. Some common acronyms are okay like: LOL, JK, BRB, GTFO, STFU etc. (and we better not see the last two unless you are purely joking...).

Death: There is absolutely no character death unless consented by the character that is dying. So if your character gets themselves fucked over, don't worry, they won't die unless you say so. If your muse does die, please PM the admin to let them know and they will put you in the deceased category. Torture and things like that are acceptable as long as the person doing the torturing warns their victim first. If you ask for it with your character, please don't complain later about it out of character.

Respect for Replies: Please understand that everyone has their own things going on. So if they are not replying right away or something of that nature, be respectful about it. The writer may have a block, be busy with real life, be in a particular mood, or would like to take their time to put the best effort into it. Do not continue to bother them, it may cause them to not want to continue any longer.

Chatbox Use: You MUST be approved to use the chatbox, only post in threads.

Remember:There has to be a level of maturity when role playing in a forum-based community especially when dealing with adult content. This includes but does not limit to: ooc behavior, plotting, age group, one on one behavior and interaction. We want the forum to be conducted on a mature adult level, so please follow all of the rules and if there are any problems PM the Admin and we will take care of it.

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