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Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application

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Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application Empty Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application

Post  ChaeRin on 5th August 2012, 3:36 pm


Name: Roxy

Age: 23

Instant Messanger(s): Ask me later Smile

Your muse

Name: Lee ChaeRin

Nickname(s): CL

Band: 2NE1

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Sexual Position: Depends on her mood but mostly a dominant partner.

Race: Marid Jinn (a.k.a. Genie)

Character Abilities: As a Marid she is part of the Jinn elite; a powerful group of humanoids associated with the Ocean. She has the ability to manipulate water (move it and transform it), turn into water vapor to travel at incredible speeds and to grant wishes. Be warned though, every wish comes at a price.

Appearance: Blonde, blue eyes (though they can change with her temper), average height, slender body with enough curves that she's not afraid to show off.

Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application CL-2ne1-21654058-460-500

Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application Tumblr_m81eigxZmO1qf4frdo1_500

Personality: CL is proud of her Marid Jinn status and the power that comes with it. Admired by other Jinn and feared by lesser creatures she sees no reason not to show off her powers. Regardless, the one power she is most proud of is the one she uses the least. The power to grant wishes is a double edged sword that she'd much rather not test. Thus CL decided that wishes would be granted to those truly deserving of them and even then.... they would come at a high price for the wisher.

Most of the time she can't be bothered with other people's problems. She's a highly free-spirited woman who's biggest passions are music and fashion. She DJs as a hobby and designs her own attires. Although she's very indifferent about humans she also feels an extreme love for their fashion (especially shoes). She might come across as vain and materialistic (and that might not be far from the truth) but she also has an almost non-existent vulnerable side that she rarely shows to anyone. For the most part she loves her role as a strong female.

Likes: Music, fashion, shoes and make-up are some of her most favorite things. Her Marid roots keep her loving the beach scene. She likes swimming and surfing as well.

Dislikes: Prudes, worry-warts and intolerant people. People who seek her for the sole purpose of asking for wishes. Stupid wishes. Wasting her time.

Strength: She is most powerful when close to the ocean, especially on full moon nights.

Weakness: None in particular although wish granting takes a LOT of energy. She may only grant one wish per day.

Character history: Since childhood CL has been a free spirit influenced by her mother's flamboyant nature and her father's mellow attitude. She grew-up in the western edge of Central City, close to the Endless Ocean Beach. There she associated with all kinds of creatures but for the most part she was educated within Jinni circles. She never cared about creature differences or social circles. If she liked you she would be your friend. Not many people could keep-up with her though and in the same way she became bored with people easily. There's only a handful of people who have ever stuck around long enough to know the CL in her entirety.

Being inspired by Human trends she became interested in the world of fashion and soon after in that of music as they often went hand in hand. Her mother taught her how to sow and for her 18th birthday her parents presented her with a mixing console and DJ plate. She's been developing her music skills ever since.

Role play Sample:

It had been a long night of DJing and CL was tired but still so full of adrenaline. She loved being up on that booth. The feeling of elation she got from mixing beats and making the crowds bounce was far greater than that of manipulating her element of essence. As she walked away from the slowly dying club she pulled her custom made, neon-pink and yellow jacket closer to her slim frame. The sun was slowly rising in the horizon and the sky was tainted an odd mix of yellows and pinks. She loved this time of day the most. CL closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh air.

As she opened her eyes she took in the new surroundings. She was now standing at the beach the rays of the rising sun licking at the sky as if they were flames. She sat on the cool sand and sighed. "It's only you and I once more." She said to the vast ocean in front of her. "Don't worry about me though. It'll change eventually." The Never Ending Ocean would forever hold her secrets. In it she found a confidante.

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Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application Empty Re: Lee ChaeRin (CL) | Application

Post  Jinki on 5th August 2012, 5:59 pm

We happily accept the baddest female of South Korea into our lovely RP; the forum and chat box are at your disposal. If you need anything at all, ask either myself, Shinji, or Saga.

There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love.

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